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Hello World!!! A SPARK WordPress Site is LIVE!!!

Hello and Welcome! A SPARK is going through a major overhaul and the official A SPARK WordPress website is now LIVE! How did I ever find the time? I made it! Many late nights building [...]

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Pantone Color of the Year!

The color of the year, 2017, according to Pantone. Greenery 15-0343! Vibrant, Vivid and Voluptuous. Ironically, A SPARK selected a very similar color for a recent project. So ... is A SPARK following trends [...]

Arduino – In the Hands of an Artist…

Over the years Arduino has been the brain of thousands of projects. From 3D Printers and CNC macines to complex scientific instruments. A worldwide community of makers - students, hobbyists, artists, programmers, and professionals have [...]

NEW – 3D Printing & 3D Modeling

For years, A SPARK has been expanding our multimedia set of skills into the world of 3D printing! Although A SPARK is already skilled in modeling for 3D animation, 3D printing has an entirely [...]

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Tools for the Creative Professional

There isn't a better option for designers today than to subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud. Period. It is the most efficient way to ensure we can service a vast range of creative requests, from print [...]

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